What Does Pool Service Cost in San Tan Valley, AZ?

A professional swimming pool cleaning service in San Tan Valley, AZ will typically cost between $80.00 and $100.00 per month. The pricing will vary depending on the size of pool, included services, whether the service company prices their service based on a weekly formula or monthly plan, whether the service company is licensed, etc. As an example, a mid-sized play pool (12,000 gallons and 80 foot perimeter) will cost $85.00 with most professional companies. While a larger diving size pool (25,000 gallon and 100 perimeter) might cost $100 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions about pricing:

Q: Does the price include chemicals?
A: Yes - the pricing typically includes basic chemicals - something like 3-5 chlorine tabs per week and two gallons/pounds of shock treatment per month.

Q: Is this for weekly service?
A: Yes - this pricing range is typically for a weekly cleaning and chemical service. Most service companies will take 2-4 weeks off during the year for vacations and training.

Q: Does this pricing include repairs or seasonal maintenance?
A: No - the price for a weekly cleaning service typically only includes the weekly cleaning and all other maintenance and repairs are extra.

Q: Can I cut back my service in the Winter to twice per month?
A: While a very few service companies will allow their clients to cut service frequency in the Winter; almost all professional pool service companies want to take care of the pool year-round. Pools that receive a lower level of service o no service in the Winter are typically more difficult to take care of in the Summer months due to deferred maintenance and accumulated algae/bacteria growth that becomes difficult to treat over time.