San Tan Valley Swimming Pool Cleaning & Pool Service

Weekly pool cleaning is our specialty! We provide affordable weekly pool cleaning to hundreds of valley homeowners - many located in San Tan Valley & Queen Creek.

Our Full Service Weekly Cleaning starts at just $85.00/mo for play pools.

Our Full Service Weekly Cleaning visits include the following:

(1.) Testing your pool water.
(2.) Adding the necessary chemicals to balance and chlorinate your pool water.
(3.) Emptying your pool baskets.
(4.) Backwashing your pool filter according to our maintenance schedule.
(5.) Restarting your pool equipment.
(6.) Releasing any trapped air from your pool filter.
(7.) Completing an operational check on your pool equipment and cleaner.
(8.) Brushing your pool walls and steps.
(9.) Skimming/Netting pool to remove floating debris.
(10.) Vacuuming the bottom of your pool if necessary.
(11.) Cleaning your salt system according to our maintenance schedule.
(12.) Placing service note letting you know we completed the service that day.

Please feel free to call us with any questions!

(602) 288-7222